screen printing

Screen printing is the most economical method to produce large quantities of custom graphic overlays and labels on polycarbonate, polyester, and many other substrates.

Screen printed graphic overlays are of extremely high quality and very durable, often second-surface (back-side) printed, a process of printing on the underside of the substrate, protecting the inks from chemicals, abrasives, and other environmental conditions. 

Nameplate & Panel is acknowledged throughout the interface screen printing industry as a world-class printing company, known for its ability to provide extremely high quality custom printed products, often winning industry-recognized awards for design creativity and printing excellence.

  • Cost effective for large volumes
  • Excellent color matching capability due to an unlimited combination of pigments
  • Top-surface printed selective textures
  • UV protection options for graphics used outdoors

At Nameplate & Panel Technology, we also take pride in our ability to screen print your custom designs on most types and thicknesses of aluminum and stainless steel.