NPT’s UL-approved graphic constructions are proven meet the stringent cleaning and durability requirements needed in the medical device industry. Countless graphics for functional, decorative, and informative applications originating from our manufacturing facility can be seen in hospitals around the world today.


Graphic overlays that require years of actuations while getting splattered daily with everything imaginable need to be both visually appealing and durable. NPT has a proven record of supplying graphic overlays for the appliance industry for close to two decades.

Military and Aerospace

From tanks and troop transportation vehicles to fighter jets and spacecraft, our products are there. Whether the application requires a screen printed, digitally printed, or Metalphoto® product, NPT has the solution. Our materials and processes comply with customer-specific standards and requirements. 

General Industry

From hand held outdoor testing equipment that requires chemical and UV-resistance, to food processing equipment that requires high-powered wash downs, NPT knows the proper graphic construction for your industrial application.