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Quality Assurance - Nameplate & Panel Technology


Exceeding your customer's expectations is a key to the success of any company. Customer satisfaction can be best achieved by supplying a quality product at a fair price with timely delivery. Nameplate & Panel Technology prides itself as being an industry leader in the field of manufacturing quality close tolerance printed graphic overlays, labels and nameplates.


At Nameplate & Panel we have the ability to provide our customers with the documentation required for their quality processes. We regularly provide Certificates of Compliance (C of C's), First Article Inspections (FAI's), AS9102 reports, and other quality-requested documentation necessary to comply with our customers' requirements.


Nameplate & Panel Technology is a fully authorized UL label supplier with tested and recognized constructions for meeting industry and regulatory standards. The authorization also applies to printing both Type L and Type R labels bearing the UL Logo. An explanation regarding the Type R and L labels are available here

PDF ISO 9001:2015 Certified (PDF - 1 MB)


Our commitment to quality begins with the materials that are used to manufacture your products and does not end until you are completely satisfied. Nameplate & Panel utilizes a five-step approach to ensure the quality of your products.

Step 1: During the quoting process, potential orders are carefully reviewed to ensure that we have the expertise to run your job and that materials and tooling are available. Management representative from production, process control, production control and quality assurance meet to discuss the requirements of your job.

Step 2: Upon receiving an order, the process of generating artwork begins. All new or revised artwork is inspected for accuracy versus the customer supplied requirements.

Step 3: Printed sheets from all jobs are subjected to an inspection to determine whether or not the job can proceed to the next production point.

Step 4: First article and in-process inspection of embossing, shearing, die cutting and CNC punching.

Step 5: All parts go through a rigorous final inspection where defective parts are detected and removed.

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