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In-Mold Decorating

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In-Mold decorating (IMD) creates an extremely rigid, yet highly attractive product, through the process of printing a second-surface graphic on a film, forming it, cutting it, and inserting it into an injection mold, sealing the graphic into the finished product. The graphic cannot be removed from the finished assembly without destroying the part.

IMD also allows for greater flexibility when you need to manufacture similar products. Rather than re-tooling or changing resins, the overall look of a product family (visual design and/or texture) can be modified by simply changing the graphic film. Integrating the graphic into the mold also reduces the costs of adhesives and labor typically required to apply graphic overlays.

Applications for IMD include medical and pharmaceutical products, electronic devices, appliance panels, and many other industrial and consumer products.

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In-Mold Decorating
In-Mold Decorating

Because of the wide-range of variables that go into a completed assembly, NPT partners with all parties involved (ink & film manufacturers, molders) to create the outstanding look that only IMD can provide.

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