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Fabrication Capabilities

Embossing:Nameplate & Panel Technology has the capability of providing our customers with embossed graphics. Key considerations to keep in mind when considering embossed graphics include the type of material to be embossed along with width, height, and spacing dimensions.

  • Material: Either polyester or polycarbonate overlays can be embossed. Polycarbonate can be readily embossed in thicknesses up to .010". Embossing on heavier materials (up to .020") is attainable with certain configurations. Polyester overlays are normally .005" to .010" due to the cloudiness that occurs in the heavier stocks of this material. The most common thickness is .007".
  • Embossing Width: A minimum emboss width of .040" on .005" and .007" material is recommended and .050" minimum width on .010" material.
  • Embossing Height: It is recommended that the emboss height not exceed 2.5 times the thickness of the material (excluding adhesive liner) with the material thickness included in the measurement.
Fabrication Capabilities
Fabrication Capabilities
  • Emboss Spacing: The recommended spacing between embossed areas should be no less than .050". Emboss spacing below these minimums may lead to material failure and/or distortion of the overlay. All embossing techniques result in thinning of the material in the sidewall areas. If the application requires multiple actuations for membrane switches, polyester is indicated as the preferred material.
  • Embossing Registration: A tolerance of ± .010" is industry standard for registration of emboss to printing and emboss to finish cut (perimeter and cutouts).

Die Cutting: At NPT we utilize steel rule dies for fabrication of finished graphics. The industry standard for die tolerances is ± .010". Punches are available in standard cutting diameters ranging from 3/32" to 1 39/64" in 1/64" increments. Sizes other than 1/64" increments are available but must be special ordered. Larger diameters are normally formed from steel rule.

Providing graphics kiss cut to a sheet is also an option. Kiss cutting refers to the process of penetrating the printed substrate with the steel rule tool, leaving the release liner intact. The result is a sheet of cut labels ready to be lifted from the liner and applied.

Laser Cutting: NPT offers laser cutting for prototype and small production runs when purchasing a die is not practical or feasible. Laser cutting provides an accurate close tolerance cut of excellent quality. Laser rastering is also available.

CNC Punching: Our CNC punch press is used for forming and cutting material.

When forming sheet metal a die set is used, consisting of a male and female die which, when pressed together, form a custom-shaped cutout or form the workpiece in a desired manner.


  • Adhesives - We have the capability of laminating a variety of adhesives to meet our customers' requirements. Certain adhesives are available pre-laminated to the stock materials we receive from our vendors, such as thin vinyl. We stock a variety of 3M and Flexcon adhesives in either in sheet form for selective die cutting and kiss cutting or rolls for full coverage.
  • Overlaminates - Your graphic may be manufactured with a protective permanent or removable overlaminate. Permanent overlaminates are typically utilized to enhance the scratch and UV resistance of first surface printed metals and plastics. Removable overlaminates are used to provide scratch and scuff resistance to either plastic or metal products during manufacturing, processing and shipping.

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