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Custom Control Panels

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Don't waste time and money getting your back plates and custom graphics from two different suppliers. The experts at Nameplate & Panel Technology can provide both services in one finished assembly.

With NPT's ability to fabricate aluminum and stainless steel products in-house, we control the manufacturing of your complete assembly from start to finish.

With our top-of-the line CNC metal fabrication and PEM inserting equipment we provide our customers the best mountable assemblies with cut-outs for buttons, controls, and display windows. So if you need high-quality stainless steel or aluminum back plates and outstanding custom graphics, look no further than the specialists at NPT.

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Custom Control Panels
Custom Control Panels

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Control Panels - Capabilities

Material Options Applications
Stainless Steel
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • With or without Graphic
    • Overlay and Membrane Switch
  • With or without adhesive
  • Food Processing Equipment
  • Testing Equipment
  • Controls requiring mechanical buttons/switches
  • Indoor or Outdoor
  • Metalphoto
  • Screen Printed
  • With or without adhesive
  • Informative and/or decorative back plates for controls requiring mechanical buttons/switches
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